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Sarah is great to work with! She is 100% committed in helping her clients learn about food, portion control, recipes, etc. and will cater to each and every one of her clients.

Erica / Client

Sarah is phenomenal!!! I have had previous experiences with nutritionists and she exceeded my expectations! She listened to my concerns, tailored my goals to meet my needs, and was able to problem-solve other medical needs with me. I gained so much education and support from Sarah! She is wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for nutrition support services!

Lindsay / Client

I am the type of person who has jumped from fad diet to fad diet and has never been able to stick to anything long term. I decided to finally commit to becoming a healthier person overall and not just focusing on weight loss. I am so happy to have found Sarah. I met with her over 3 different sessions, and she really helped me set more realistic goals and gave me a more well-rounded perspective on what a healthy diet really means. Working with her was a complete 180 from the ridiculous extreme diets I have tried in the past, and she helped me modify my current eating habits to make them fully balanced.  Beyond that, Sarah is so warm and friendly and incredibly easy to talk to. I was able to share a lot with her, and she helped me realize some other factors in my life that were holding me back from being my best self. I am so thankful to have made this investment in myself, and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Christine / Client

I worked with Sarah for a period of about 6 weeks and I can’t speak highly enough of her as a nutritionist. She offers a personalized approach combining education and lifestyle improvement that is beneficial and more importantly, realistic. Sarah’s goal-oriented methods create an incentive to adopt healthier habits and set clients fortunate enough to work with her up for long-term success. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone interested in improving their nutrition and well-being as a whole!

Ben / Client


As a Family Physician, I see many serious medical problems that can be controlled or even reversed with proper nutrition. Sarah has provided my patients with sound nutritional advice that has helped them improve their overall health.

Family Physician / Dublin, Ohio


I was so fortunate to meet Sarah when I did. I have struggled with food sensitivities and allergies my entire life, but my symptoms had gotten worse over the past year. I felt at a loss for what to do about my health and eating habits; I had tried everything. Or so I thought! I found Columbus Nutrition Company through a Google search. I am a food educator myself and was impressed by Sarah’s holistic perspective. While holistic in her beliefs, her practice is grounded in the most up-to-date nutrition science. After seeing her for three sessions, I now know what foods to avoid and have not had so much as a belly ache, a revelation for someone like me! Sometimes we all just need someone to be an objective observer. Sarah is incredibly knowledgable and approachable in her nutrition philosophy. No lines drawn in the sand, just an appreciation for the concept of food as medicine. The foods that we eat can either cause of joy or cause us pain. Sarah helped me to figure out which ones caused me pain and to enjoy the foods that serve my health and well-being.

Erin / Client


Sarah has helped me have a better understanding of food in general. My favorite part is nothing is off limits. It’s more of a healthy life style than a diet. As long as you eat the essentials, it’s okay to eat something sweet (in moderation of course). She loves what she does and has incredible knowledge of nutrition. She is sweet, fun to talk to, approachable and encouraging. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 

Reem / Client


Working with Sarah at Columbus Nutrition Company was a wonderful experience. Sarah helped me navigate multiple goals and empowered me to make informed and healthy choices for my body. Whether you’re looking for help with weight loss, digestive health, or just to better understand nutrition and how it impacts your body, I would recommend working with Sarah. 

Ashley / Client

I felt Sarah was very personable and could easily customize the discussion to our needs. It was engaging, educational and fun.

Ashlee / Client

Sarah was amazing! I talked to my doctor about fatigue after work and eating better with more healthy foods that would support my busy and active lifestyle. My Doctor handed me Sarah’s card. Over the course of 4 meetings, I have gained a better understanding of how ingredients impact my nutrition. After our initial consultation, Sarah set goals that were realistic and achievable all while encouraging me. She has changed the way I look at nutrition in a positive way! Her healthy recipes were appreciated! I highly recommend Sarah, if you are wanting to improve your life through nutrition and healthy habits!

Jonathan / Client

Nothing prepares you for the feelings you have when your doctor gives you a diagnosis for Diabetes 2. When this happened to me, I had so many emotions - anger at myself, terror of what was to come, confusion about what to eat. As soon as I got home, I took out my little business card for the Columbus Nutrition Company and called. This was the best call I could have made. Sarah Crock personally answered my call, assured me that I wasn’t dying and immediately scheduled an appointment very soon to help me. We met for an hour every week for 6 weeks and I was amazed at how enjoyable she made learning. I am a tough client who loved junk food, hated vegetables and ate fast food every day. Each week Sarah taught me about healthy choices and why they were important. She checked my food diaries and pointed out good choices and what could be better, and always complimented and encouraged my hard work. I could ask any question no matter how silly I thought it was. Although she was professional the entire time, our meetings were like getting together with a friend - we laughed, talked, planned and celebrated victories. Using everything I learned, I lost weight and reduced my cholesterol. The best result was that I was no longer a type 2 diabetic, my medications were reduced and I now have some favorite veggies! I still have a long road of making healthy choices to avoid sliding back into dangerous territory! I can’t thank Sarah enough for all of the help and continued encouragement. Her website is full of wonderful information that will help me continue my journey to good health! Thanks Sarah - from your Satisfied Client

Trina / Client