Personalized Nutrition Counseling.

We take a functional, "non-diet" approach to nutrition and counseling. We listen to you and your story in order to create individualized nutrition plans to address your unique needs. 


The Initial Consultation

At our first meeting, we will work to get a picture of your current health status; this will include gathering information, such as your medical history, weight history, food preferences, present exercise regimen, and a dietary recall.  Based on this information, we will provide you with preliminary nutrition education, an individualized meal guide, and package suggestions to help kick-start your journey to better health.

90 minutes  |  $129


After your Initial Consultation, you have the option to continue session-by-session, or to purchase a package at a discounted rate.

All packages include:

  • Personalized goal-setting for accountability
  • Science-backed nutrition education
  • Meal planning
  • Individualized supplement recommendations



Take things one step at a time.

1, 60-minute session




Our most popular package.

3, 60-minute sessions




The most accountability.

6, 60-minute sessions