Sarah's Story

"As a former professional ballet dancer, nutrition was always a huge part of my life and ultimately what drove me to pursue a career in dietetics and nutrition. However, ironically enough, since becoming a dietitian, I have struggled with numerous health issues of my own, including the onset of several autoimmune diseases.

Directly after finishing my schooling and becoming a dietitian, I started to notice some concerning symptoms: I felt tired all the time, despite sleeping nine or more hours per night. I noticed sudden changes in the health of my hair, skin, and nails. I had circulation issues, which caused my hands, feet and body to feel extremely cold or hot at all times. I struggled to maintain my weight, always feeling like nothing I ate was being absorbed or digested fully. My stomach hurt all the time, especially after eating. I was confused to say the least, as I thought I was eating healthy— I am a dietitian for goodness sake! I cooked the majority of my meals at home, and my diet was chalk full of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy fats, and quality animal proteins. Despite this seemingly healthy lifestyle, I felt horrible! 

I spent years trying to research and self-heal, and things did get better; however, I still didn’t feel right. During this time, I received what seemed like a flux of messages from prospective clients struggling with similar, if not the same, health issues! I was perplexed, but even more motivated to not only get serious about healing myself, but also about helping so many other individuals in the same position.

With all of this, I discovered the practice of Functional Medicine, which finally put me on a path to true healing and recovery. Functional Medicine changed my life and my practice as a registered dietitian. "