In Her Own Words

“I work to help individuals develop realistic, sustainable healthy habits to reach their goals and feel their best without feeling restricted.

Food is so much more than just 'fuel’ or ‘calories in and calories out’; it is social, spiritual, and family. Food is joy, excitement, and love. Food should taste good and make you feel good, both mentally and physically. I always say, if you live to be 150 years old, but are miserable eating foods you dislike just because they are “healthy”, you have solved no problems!

The key, then, is finding balance. The tricky thing about finding this balance is our uniqueness! We all have different food preferences, medical conditions, families and schedules. Because of this, nutrition is not black or white; the food and behaviors that promote good health for one person, may not offer the same benefits for another. Our individuality is why diets don’t work, especially long-term.

Ditching the diet mentality allows us to get back in touch with our bodies to find balance— the first and most important step to achieving good health, no matter the health goal!”