A Columbus, Ohio native, Sarah Simpson, RDN, LD, is the owner and founder of Columbus Nutrition Company. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who provides nutrition counseling and nutrition education to adults and teens with various medical conditions.

Sarah completed her dietetic internship through The Ohio State University's Human Nutrition Dietetic Internship Program after graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology, Dietetics from The Ohio State University.

Prior to becoming a dietitian, Sarah was a professional ballet dancer. After high school, Sarah attended Indiana University as a Ballet Major within the Jacobs School of Music. Following this, she deferred her degree and went on to dance with the Professional Division of the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, Washington and the Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With these experiences, Sarah returned to Columbus to earn her bachelor's degree and Registered Dietitian credential with the mission of forming a personalized nutrition counseling company focused on helping others eat to live healthier, longer, and happier lives.