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Hello, and welcome to the Columbus Nutrition Company Blog!  Here you will find an assortment of food- and nutrition-related musings, including nutrition tips, news, healthy/easy recipes, and me simply geeking out about food and nutrition.  As a newcomer to the blog scene, I’m not exactly sure how this space will evolve; however, I do know that I am extremely passionate about food, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

So what is Columbus Nutrition Company?  Well, I founded Columbus Nutrition Company as means to provide accessible, evidence-based, and personalized nutrition counseling to those in the Central Ohio area (and beyond).  After finishing my schooling to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) at Ohio State (learn more about how to become an RDN here), I felt there was a serious need for more individualized nutrition care provided by RDNs in private practice (specifically here in Columbus).  But what does “individualized” and “personalized” really mean in this context?  Simply put, it means that you and your nutritional needs are unique, and I, as both a human being and dietitian, get that.  I don’t hand out cookie-cutter nutrition plans because no two people are alike – we all have different body types, food preferences, medical histories, and life experiences.  These things combined makes each of us nutritionally unique.  As a dietitian, it is my job to work with you to determine the most appropriate, realistic, and enjoyable way for you to reach your health goals based on what makes you, you.

In addition to providing nutrition counseling services, I love taking not-so-healthy recipes and making them more healthy, while also preserving the flavor and ease of preparation.  Be sure to check out my recipes page to see a few of my favorite healthy and easy recipes.  I will regularly be adding and updating my recipes, so be sure to check back often and follow me on social media. 

Want to learn more about my personalized nutrition counseling services?  Check out the services page.

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