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Our Approach.


No Labels,
No Fad Diets,
No Counting

If we are constantly thinking about our diet “rules”, we are not able to think about how we actually feel! As we follow these rules, somewhere along the way we lose the ability to identify the foods we actually like or dislike, or what foods actually agree with us or cause us digestive distress. By spending more time listening to our bodies and less time reading about the diet-of-the-month, the road to good health and happiness will be quicker and, more importantly, enjoyable.

If you are struggling with a specific medical condition, we may recommend an evidence-based therapeutic diet, which can involve a temporary elimination of certain foods or ingredients for a period of time. However, these diets are used in very specific cases and should always be done with extreme caution under the guidance of a registered dietitian.

Focus On Ingredients

Forget the numbers— it’s all about the ingredients! In general, the shorter and simpler the ingredient list, the less processed, more nutrient-dense, and better for you the product.


You are unique and what you eat should be, too! While focusing on whole, real food ingredients is a great place to start, there is still no "one-size-fits-all" way to eat. We work to help clients get a plan in place that not only treats and/or manages their root cause of disease, but also is realistic and sustainable. We consider your story, health history, medications, schedule, activity, and more, in order to create a clear, personalized plan.

Science- and Practice-based

We are committed to providing information and recommendations based on credible research. We also provide practice-based nutrition recommendations, which includes the knowledge and evidence gained from clinical experiences and observations.

Functional Nutrition

We work to discover the root cause of disease as related to nutrition rather than just putting “band-aids” on individual symptoms. While nutrition is a common root cause, other potential root causes may include sleep, stress, physical activity or inactivity, environmental pollutants, and toxic exposures. Learn more about Functional Nutrition here.